On this page we have provided you with access to some useful documents relating to Green Energy specifically designed for the home. As we move toward higher and higher energy costs, in many areas the relative costs of generating your own energy are decreasing. A simple addition of one type of energy provider to your property can substantially reduce your overall energy bills. Some of this new technology is quite straightforward and works on simple basic principles and other types of technology available can be complex to install as well as manage. Whatever your thoughts on Green Energy, you need to consult a professional.

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A Greener Future

Heating systems are, by and large, a low interest category for consumers, but when you take into consideration the escalating fuel prices in this country and our ongoing concern for the environment, it’s worth paying a bit more attention to the subject as the nights get colder. Did you know that some older boilers (10 – 15 years old) can be as low as 60 - 70% efficient? This means that you could be wasting as much as 30 - 40 pence of every pound you spend on your fuel bills. If you were to update to a new, condensing SEDBUK ‘A’ rated Greenstar boiler, at least 90 pence of every pound spent on fuel will be used to provide heating and hot water for your home. Not only that but, installing a condensing boiler can increase your home energy rating by an entire band, i.e. from an energy rating of E to D. Click on the link to find out more.

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Renewable Technolgies

The environment is an issue that affects everyone. At every level, from global to individual, we are all being asked to act to protect the planet by making sure we don’t consume more than our fair share of limited natural resources. We are being encouraged to take more responsibility for using what is available more efficiently and to find new and more sustainable sources of energy. The more we can do, the more progress we will make towards improving our own quality of life as well as protecting the environment that our children and grandchildren will inherit. In the short term, there is also a more immediate benefit, because reducing the amount of energy we use could also help us to beat the rising costs of our own domestic fuel bills. Find out more about the technologies available by clicking through on the link.

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Solar and Ground Source Heat Pumps

It is a popular misconception that utilising solar energy is only possible in hot, sunny climates. The reality is that it is daylight and not just direct sunshine which is the important factor and therefore modern solar water heating uses specially coated panels developed to collect as much energy as possible, even on the dullest of days. During the course of a year you are likely to get 50-70% of your hot water provided by solar. To find out more about this technology and some information relating to complex but highly efficient Ground Source Heat Pumps, click on the link.

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