Why do I need a qualified tradesman to install my electrics and fix my plumbing when I am quite capable of doing the work myself ?

Because in the UK we have a system of control called Building Regulations. These regulations are laid down by a government department called Communities and Local Government and access to regulation information is made through a comprehensive website called the Planning Portal. The regulations call upon many areas of work that may need to be carried out at your home to be undertaken only by 'Competent Persons' who are qualified to pre-determioned standards and registered with a licensed authority. You can find out more about why you should use Competent Persons by clicking through on our Downloads link.

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Electrical Regulations

There are often some areas of confusion relating to what electrical work may be carried out at your property by a qualified and non-qualified person. This short description of how the regulations view electrical work in your home clarifies most points raised by our clients.

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Plumbing Regulations

A similar situation exists with carying out certain levels of plumbing work in your home. You must ensure that any work you carry out without using a professional engineer is non-notifiable to your local water control authority and that all relative electrical and earthing links are installed to the required standards.

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Building Regulations Compliance

There are various 'Parts' to the Building Regulations that describe the work areas under controls and the 'Part' identification letter of the relevant competent person certification. The attached chart easily identifes the area of work and the letter of the inspection certification.

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Notifiable Electrical Jobs To Building Control

As far as the regulations are concerned, there are some very clear rules relating to what work needs to be notified to the local Building Control Ofiicer and what does not. The law is very strict on this matter as electricity is dangerous to life if appliances and wiring are not installed correctly. This is a list of typical examples only and is not exhaustive, so if in doubt, ring us and ASK.!

Our recommendation is always to check before ordering or carrying out any electrical or extensive plumbing works on your property. Fines for non-approved installations are extensive and your houshold insurance will be inopperative once you carry out work that is not correctly installed and certified. You may of course not know about that until you come to claim for a burnt out kitchen and find that the extra two plug sockets your son-in-law installed last year were the cause of the fire. Ignoring the Regulations can prove to be an expensive decision. If in doubt.... ASK.!

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